Fans for aggressive or abrasive gases. Strong acids or bases in the conveyed gases cause damage to the fan quickly if the material is unsuitable.


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Meidinger has extensive experience in the handling of aggressive gases and vapors. By selecting suitable materials for the fan housing, impeller and welding materials, a long-lasting and safe combination is determined and implemented, taking into account the required strength values (high-alloy steels, titanium, corrosion-resistant nickel-base alloys, etc.).

Where metallic materials are no longer sufficient, highly resistant coatings are applied (for example Halar) or the fan housing is made of durable special plastic.
The static as well as dynamic housing seals are selected according to the high resistance or tightness requirements.

Dust-laden gases or the transport of solids in the air-stream pose special demands on the durability of the materials. The required resistance can be achieved by additional coatings e.g. in the area of ​​the inflow or by replaceable wear plates in the housing.