explosion proof fans

For various versions of the fan-housing, a distinction must be made between 'explosion proof' (DSF) and 'pressure resistant' design (DF)

explosion proof fans

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DF permanent pressure resistant version:
The fan housing is under constant over-pressure of more than 0.5 bar and is therefore subject to the pressure equipment directive PED (97/23 / EC). Depending on the volume and the pressure level, a variety of type and production tests according to PED are obligatory. Operating conditions above 1.3 bar are outside the scope of the ATEX Directive (94/9 / EC), therefore a simultaneous ATEX conformity is not possible for a DF fan.

DSF explosion proof design:
The housing is not pressurized, apart from the fan's own pressure elevation, but is subject to a defined explosive pressure in the event of a short-term pressure rise (for example, by an explosion). This design is not generally subject to the pressure equipment directive line PED. In principle, ATEX fans can also be designed according to 94/9 / EG in DSF version.