delicious and healthy : these are the demands of consumers on the quality of food products. We help to shape production processes hygienic..



Consequently hygienic : As a manufacturer of fans with hygienic design and a member of the EHEDG we know the requirements and are aware of our responsibility. Selecting suitable materials, adapted constructional design for easy cleaning and high-quality surfaces a disadvantageous influence on the food compatibility of the foodstuffs by impurities or by residues or foreign bodies is avoided (hygienic design). If desired, the housing can be equipped with devices for CIP (clean in place) cleaning.

Depending on the application the existing risks must be recognized and assessed. The resulting knowledge is incorporated into the design and manufacturing process. Our sales consultants develop with you your safe and economical solution.

Typical applications and procedures:

• Spray tower drying, for the production of powdered products as milk powder or coffee powder
• Using fans for low or high pressure as primary air fans, secondary air fans,  after-dryer and after-cooler fans, exhaust air fans
• malting plants for the production of braumalt dryers for the drying of the germinated green malt, germination fans for Ventilation
• Beverage industry drying
• Large kitchens and large slaughterhouses : process fans, steam extraction, drying, smoking