inlet- and outlet exhaust fans



For ventilation and drying applications, we offer a wide range of energy-efficient fan types, both axial and radial. We are able to configure you tailor-made, yet economical solution from our modular program. Energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance are critical to operating costs over the lifetime of the equipment.

Our fan types significantly exceed the requirements of the efficiency guideline ERP2015 (2009/125 / EC, EU 327/2011). For you as a user, this means lower operating costs, which represent the largest share of the total costs over the lifetime of the device. A high-quality fan design averts unplanned breakdowns and unforeseen new investments.

The solid design and our spare parts and service organization also protect your investment in the long term. Extensive accessories (sensors, filters, transitions, etc.) are available for the fans. Our customer advisors will gladly assist you at any time.