Category 1G/2G for zone 0

Category 1G/2G for zone 0

An explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of dangerous substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist which is present continuously or for long periods or frequently is classified as Zone 0. Here, the highest requirements are placed on the reliability and safety of fans.

The fan must be explosion-proof for normal operations, for when there are expected disturbances and even when extremely rare disturbances occur.

Complementary staggered safety elements, such as a pressure-resistant design, integrated flame control systems and monitoring via temperature sensors ensure safe operation.

Meidinger has been producing fans for Zone 0 since 1993. The design of the devices is subject to testing and certification by a notified body (official EU test center). The manufacture and internal testing of the equipment is periodically reviewed by such an institution and the company is certified for the production of this equipment category.

 The user is offered a wide range of products with different operating ranges.